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  Frequently asked questions
Below we have endeavored to answer the questions that potential customers most commonly ask about the services we provide. However if you can't find the answers you're looking for please check our technical support area or contact us.
Can I use my existing domain name   Can I include a mailing list in my site
Do you charge for domain transfers   Can I host .mp3 files in my account
Can DotNetted host all domain types   How much web space is included
How soon will my account be set up   How much bandwidth is included
Can I use my account immediately   Can I take credit card details securely
What is your Acceptable Use Policy   Can I add extra domains to my account
How reliable is your network   What ASP components are installed
How long have you been in business   Does my account include MS SQL Server
What software runs on the servers   Can I use Microsoft Enterprise Manager
How do I upload my web site files   How can I see statistics for my site
Can I easily upgrade my account   How can I access my raw visitor log files
What payment options do you offer   Do you support DreamWeaver MX
Is there a minimum term or contract   Do you support MS FrontPage Extensions
Do you offer spam / virus scanning   Do you support MS Visual Studio .NET
How many mailboxes are included   Can visitors see my site without the www.
How can I collect my e-mail   Do hosting accounts include a cgi-bin
Does my account include webmail   Do hosting accounts support PHP scripting
How do I administer my mailboxes   How do I contact DotNetted for support
Do you provide an SMTP server   Will my files be backed up regularly
Can I use my existing domain name with DotNetted
Yes you can, you can either leave your domain name with your current registrar and change the nameservers to point to ours ( / ) or do a full transfer of the domain to DotNetted.
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Does DotNetted charge for domain transfers

Dotnetted do not charge for transfers - either incoming OR outgoing.

The only situation in which payment is required is if you do a full transfer of a non .uk (.com .net etc.) domain to us as these domains can only be transferred at the same time as renewing the domain for an extra year.

There will be a charge of £15 +vat to transfer in a non .uk domain BUT a year will also be added to the life of the domain.

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Can DotNetted host all domain names types
We can host most types of domain names, if you have a particularly unusual requirement or need advice on your domain name please contact us
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How soon will my new hosting account be set up
Generally account setup is completed within 3 - 4 hours of payment being received though it could be slightly longer if the order is received outside of normal office hours.
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Can I use my new account immediately

Yes, you can begin using your account immediately setup is completed - when creating accounts we also create a temporary URL and FTP login so that you can start uploading and testing your account whilst your domain registration or transfer propagates.

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Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy
We do, the full document can be read here. Basically we do not allow any adult or illegal material to be hosted on our servers and have a zero tolerance policy on SPAM, we enforce these policies rigorously.
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How reliable is your network

Our network and servers are robust and extremely reliable, averaging over 99.99 % uptime over the past year (this can be verified by an independent tracking service here).

Our servers are located in Manchester, Northampton and also Bletchley/Milton Keynes.

All critical hardware, such as routers and firewalls are duplicated assuring that failure of an individual piece of hardware will have little or no impact on the overall running of the network.

The facilities are all full specification data centres with full resilience and back up (ie enterprise level UPS systems and generators and back up cooling etc).e.

Our backup servers are hosted in a separate facility and all servers are backed up fully each night with seven days retention for changed or deleted files.

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How long have DotNetted been in business

DotNetted was originally started as a web design and development agency back in 1998 under the name 'Bulldog Web Design' by proprietors Lee and Tara Davison.

Frustrated by the lack of reliable Windows / asp based hosting available to host our clients sites we commissioned our first dedicated server (then running Windows NT 4.0 !) in 1999 to host our own customers. Due to the high quality of the service provided word spread and we were soon being asked to host third party sites - over the course of the next two years the hosting side of things became the largest part of the business and the company name changed to invectis as we ceased to offer web design services.

Invectis continued to grow and concentrated exclusively on offering Windows / Microsoft based hosting packages, in August 2004 the company was again renamed to DotNetted to better reflect the fact that we specialise in .NET hosting services.

On 01/04/2011 dotnetted was acquired by Nuco Technologies Ltd who trade as Host-it who are a long established hosting company which also owns and operates its own in house data centres ensuring that we can offer the very best in terms of reliability and service.

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What software is running on the servers
The Operating System on our servers is Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server & Windows 2012 server, web servers also include IIS 7 / IIS 8, ASP.NET 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5, ASP Classic 3.0 plus a number of commercial components. Our statistics servers run SmarterStats, mail servers run either SmarterMail or Host-it's own mail server software solution and database servers run SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 and also SQL Server 2008.
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How do I upload my web site files to my account
You can publish your files to your account via FTP, this is a built in publishing option in most development environments such as DreamWeaver or Visual Studio but you can also use any other FTP client program to upload your files. For Windows 2003 / IIS 6 accounts we can also enable Frontpage Extensions on your site to enable you to publish via the Frontpage publishing protocol.
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Can I easily upgrade my account
Very easily, our whole philosophy centres around providing the customer with exactly what they need in as straight forward a manner as possible. Upgrades (or downgrades) can be ordered from within your online panel very easily.
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What payment options do you offer

Our standard prices are based on payment via Credit Card/Paypal or Google Checkout. These payment options automate the process so a discount is included in the standard prices to reflect this however we can also accept payment by Cheque/Bank Transfer or Standing Order by removing the payment discount to cover doing this manually. Different payment options are presented on the sign up page so you can select the option you require. Payment instructions are included on each invoice to match the payment option selected.

NB: Card billing is handled through our payment processor SagePay and payments are automatically processed on each billing date.

NB: All but the last four digits of your card details are encrypted in storage to ensure that your card details are secure.

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Is there a minimum term or contract

No, it's as easy to cancel as it is to sign up and you can cancel your account at any time, even the day before your next billing date. We have great confidence in our product and know that customers stay with us because they receive a quality service, not because we tie them down with contracts or long cancellation notices.

You will however be charged to the end of the current billing period so if unsure we recommend selecting a shorter payment period/plan.

We offer the following payment period/plans:- Monthly / Quarterly / Semi-Annually / Annually / Biennially / Triennially.

* Longer payment periods/plans reduce the equivalent cost per month so if a longer period is committed to you will pay slightly less for the hosting in the longer term.

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Do you offer spam filtering and virus scanning

All DotNetted accounts include user configurable spam filtering and also virus scanning of incoming e-mail as standard.

Our mail server has extensive spam filtering options and performs a number of checks against incoming mail including checking the sending IP against a number of public spam databases. From these checks each mail is scored and you can set up filtering on your account by domain or individual user mailbox to perform actions based on this score such as moving the mail to a spam folder or deleting outright.

Incoming mail is scanned as the massive increase in the number viruses over the past couple of years this can no longer be considered an option but an absolute essential on any web hosting account.

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How many e-mail accounts are included

Our base package allows you 100 mailboxes with 250MB of mail storage included for each account. Additional mailboxes / storage space can be ordered if required.

Note that legacy accounts with dotnetted prior to 01/04/2011 (when dotnetted was acquired by Host-it) have 250 MB of storage space that you can split between the accounts.

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How can I collect my e-mail
You can collect your mail using any conventional pop3/IMAP e-mail client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Pegasus, you also have access to your mail through our webmail interface.
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Does my account include a web mail service
All of your e-mail users have access to their own mailbox via a webmail interface. Through this interface they can read, send and delete mail complete with contact list and spell checker.
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How do I administer my e-mail accounts
The webmail interface also doubles as an admin area and each e-mail user can set various options such as spam processing. The account administrator also has additional options to enable them to add, delete and configure mailboxes and other global domain settings via the online admin panel.
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Do you provide SMTP with hosting accounts
Your preferred SMTP server should be that of your ISP (as this is the best way to send email) but if they do not offer an SMTP server or it is not suitable for any reason then you can purchase a range of outgoing SMTP accounts through Dotnetted starting at just £2.50+vat. Please note that our mail servers are very closely monitored and must not be used for sending unsolicited mail or bulk mail.
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Can I include a mailing list in my site
Your site may include a small mailing list but you must be able to prove that all recipients have actively opted into your list using a 'double opt-in' system, i.e. they elected to join the list and were sent an e-mail to which they had to reply to confirm membership before being added to the live recipient list. You must also provide a simple way to unsubscribe from your mailing list and act on unsubscribe requests promptly.

This service is provided for small mailing lists only, if your list has thousands of recipients or is mailed out very regularly then you should be using a specialist mailing service. All mail passing through our mail server is logged by domain and user, if this service is abused you will lose the right to host a mailing list.
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Can I host .mp3 files on my site
Generally the answer is no, the only exception is if you can prove that you own the copyright to the file or have written permission from the copyright holder to host and distribute the file.
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How much web space is included
Our base package includes 1000 MB of web space which is enough to hold approximately 20,000 average sized 50 KB web pages, additional space can be added if required.
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How much transfer allowance is included
Our base package includes 10 GB of data transfer monthly which, based on a typical web page size of 50KB equates to 200,000 page views, additional transfer can be added if required.
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Can I take credit cards securely
Our accounts offer the ability to have an SSL certificate, speak with our sales or support departments for more information on these. Please note you will still require the services of a payment processor such as WorldPay to actually process the card payments.
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Can I add additional domains to my account
You can add additional domains to your account for a one off £10 setup fee, the extra domain(s) will be set up as an alias of your main domain so that visitors can reach your site, or send you mail at any of the domains aliased to your account. Please note these are aliases of the account only and not separate hosting accounts in their own right.
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What components are available to use

With the advent of .NET the 'old' system of the host providing many third party components has become somewhat redundant as most of the functions that these components carried out (e.g. sending e-mail, uploading files, creating graphics) can now be done natively in .NET. Also .NET commercial components are usually sold on a per site basis where you would own the license and install to your site rather than the component being installed server wide.

However, we do still provide a number of standard components for backwards compatibility with your .asp scripts including AspEmail for sending mail, AspUpload for uploading files, AspJpeg for image processing and AspEncrypt to allow you to encrypt files and send secure e-mail.

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Does my account include MS SQL server
Our base package includes the use of Access databases - SQL Server 2000 / 2005/2008 can be added as an option for just £6 per month per 50 MB database.
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Can I use Microsoft Enterprise Manager / SQL Server Management Studio
If you have purchased an SQL Server database with your package you can use MS Enterprise Manager / Management Studio to administer the database remotely, you can in fact use any database administration package compatible with SQL Server and able to connect on a non-standard port.
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How can I see stats of my site visitors
Comprehensive graphical visitors statistics are provided for all accounts via our SmarterStats software which offers over 100 different reports covering everything about your visitors, where they came from and what they did whilst browsing your site. You can also create your own custom reports covering the items in which you are most interested.
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How can I access my raw visitor logs
If you want to keep your raw site logs for future reference or run further offline analysis of your visitors they can be downloaded through SmarterStats.
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Do you support DreamWeaver
We do, our hosting accounts support for Macromedia's DreamWeaver design software and are compatible with both the ASP and ASP.NET server models for DreamWeaver. Please note that we do not support PHP so the PHP server model is not supported.
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Do you support FrontPage Extensions
FrontPage Extensions are a free option on Windows 2003 / IIS 6 accounts and you can either request that they be installed on your account at the time of ordering or contact our support department to have them added at a later date. Please note that Microsoft no longer supports Frontpage Extensions (last updated in 2002) and Windows 2008 / IIS 7 does not support Frontpage Extensions.
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Do you support Visual Studio .NET
Certainly, our web servers are based on Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 and ASP.NET 1.1 / 2.0 /3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0, 4.5 as required by Visual Studio .NET 2003 / 2005 / 2008 / 2010.
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Can visitors see my site without the www.
Yes, your site will be reachable using both and - it's becoming more popular to omit the www. in offline advertising as the domain alone is easier to quote and remember.
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Do hosting accounts include a cgi-bin

We do not support CGI / PERL or offer a cgi-bin. CGI is an antiquated and inefficient method of scripting, anything that can be done in CGI / PERL can be done faster and more efficiently in ASP / .NET. Your ASP / .NET scripts can be run from anywhere in your account so a cgi-bin is not required.

However note that Host-it offer a wide range of hosting plans which include this and various other technologies/features. Click here to view the range of plans available if you need a feature or technology which is not supported by dotnetted.

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Do accounts support PHP scripting

We don't, as with CGI anything that can be done in PHP can be done with ASP / .NET. We have taken a conscious decision to install only native Microsoft technologies on our web servers, this leads to improved performance and much better reliability than can be obtained on a 'hybrid' server.

However note that Host-it offer a wide range of hosting plans which include this and various other technologies/features. Click here to view the range of plans available if you need a feature or technology which is not supported by dotnetted.

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How do I contact DotNetted for technical support
Our technical support area includes a large amount of information which will cover most of the common questions you are likely to have when using your account. If the information you need can not be found there then you can open a ticket with our support department from within your billing panel or you can contact us via our contact page, turnaround on support tickets is very quick and queries are typically answered in under 4 hours.
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Will my site be backed up regularly

All servers are backed up offsite daily, however these backups are for our use to restore the servers in the event of a hardware failure, they are not generally available to clients and depending on the time involved there may be a charge involved if restoring files is required due to an error by the client.

You should ensure that you always have an up to date local copy of your web site, Access databases should be downloaded regularly via FTP (some FTP software can automate this process and run each night or similar) and data from MS SQL databases should be downloaded regularly to your local development machine using DTS - again this can be set up as an automated task on your local PC.
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